Monday, February 9, 2009

She's Peachy!

Remember scratch and sniff stickers? If you are like me, you scratched those stickers until all the sniff was gone. Well, our friend Gamie from Peach Mailbox makes the most adorable scented cupcake cards that will surely bring back those fragrant memories! We've been selling her cards for almost a year now and every season she comes up with the most delightful designs. Her attention to detail and design aesthetic fits right in at Frosted and we couldn't be happier to spread the word of her amazing talents.
She's offering the cutest Valentine's Day designs, from her original scented cupcake to Ferris Wheels and owls! With inscriptions like "i dig you" and "you're a hottie," we're certain your sweetheart will get the message loud and clear. Next time you are in for your cupcake fix, take a look at our Peach Mailbox card selection.
One last thing, Peach Mailbox creates amazing custom invitations as well. We have some examples of her custom work in our shop or you can contact Gamie directly through her website.


Anonymous said...

I love your cupcakes and I am an aspiring baker/ owner of my own bakery. Do you hire over the summer? Seriously my dream job!!

Jasmine said...

those are so cute! i'll have to pick some out next time i come in! i just included your cupcakes in a post this morning on my blog and linked to your website. i didn't know you had a blog too! very cool. :)