Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frosted is For Lovers

There are many reasons, all year round, to give and receive cupcakes. But there is no time like Valentine's Day! Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your sweetheart or you want to cheer up a single friend on the holiday he/she hates the most, cupcakes make everyone smile. We see the effects of cupcakes on people's moods every day...but on Valentine's Day, you get to be the one to administer the smiles!

We are really gearing up for our biggest holiday of the year. We've printed brand new tees for our staff and for you to purchase, in honor of Valentine's Day but really appropriate year round. Here's Jacqueline and Chelsea already wearing them. They are $15 just like our original logo tee and available NOW in mens and womens sizes!
Who said giving Valentine's to your friends, classmates or coworkers was for kids? Not us! We've made a really fun way to give a Valentine this year...Valentine buttons! With 6 different messages (like "you're the cupcake of my eye" and "cupcakes and kisses") and 20 buttons in a jar, there's plenty to go around. We've been looking for a use for all the baby food jars we've accumulated throughout these past few years of making pupcakes and it turns out they are a perfect button holder! So we've filled our jars to the brim with Frosted Valentine Buttons at a price of $8 a jar. We hope you'll love sharing them as much as we love making them! They are also available NOW!
And that's just the beginning of all the fun stuff we have planned for Valentine's Day. Don't forget to place your orders early, we have a special order counter now that will make your pick up so much easier this year. We had a line out the door for the entire day last year and we hope to beat that record this year! We'll be serving Valentine decorated cupcakes all week starting Tuesday the 10th of February. We'll have a full case of heart sprinkles and heart chocolates adorning all our cupcakes Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th, with a limited menu of the following flavors:

Chocolate / Chocolate Buttercream rimmed with heart & chocolate sprinkles
Royal White / Vanilla Buttercream rimmed with heart & white chocolate sprinkles
Chocolate / Mint Chip Buttercream tinted pink with a dark chocolate heart on top
Royal White / Vanilla Coconut Buttercream tinted pink topped with edible glitter
Red Velvet / Cream Cheese topped with a red chocolate heart
Lemon / Cream Cheese topped with a pink chocolate heart
Strawberry / Cream Cheese topped with a gummy strawberry
And finally we'll have a very special flavor of the month!

This limited menu helps us keep up with replenishment and the tons of special orders we will be filling throughout the day. This post was a long one, but we're so excited about everything we have planned. We'll keep you updated with a few more posts before the big day!

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