Monday, January 26, 2009

Calling all Frosted Fans!

We have a new Facebook fan page. So, we may be coming to the party late, but at least we made it! If you have a Facebook account, which I'm finding is nearly everyone, please search for Frosted Cupcakery and BECOME A FAN. It'll be another place for you to find out about events and promotions, as well as look at photos and videos of our team, cupcakes and merchandise. We hope you'll write on our wall too! There's pretty much no reason to not be fully immersed in Frosted!


Adriana said...

Don't worry, I just joined a couple of weeks ago... I was bullied into it =D

Ashley said...

I LOVE Frosted! I am going to become a fan right now!!!! I truly consider my hubby and myself a walking advertisement for you. We tell everyone about your delicious cupcakes!!! Even my 18 month old loves them!!