Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Day for Blogs

We're all still talking about what a fabulous event Audrey threw at Urbanic for the launch of Oh Joy!'s stationary collection! Just wanted to share the amazing photos taken by Max Wanger and pass along a couple more links for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at Oh Joy! and Parcel Post for more photos and commentary on the evening. These ladies sure know how to do a blog right!

And our excitement doesn't stop there...we've been following Cupcakes Take the Cake since the conception of Frosted back in 2005. So you can imagine our joy when a tweet from CupcakeBlog popped up on our screen, spotlighting Frosted Cupcakery. What an honor!!

We promise it's not bragging, just so happy to be in such great company on all the blogs that we love to look at every day!

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