Thursday, September 4, 2008

Up for Grabs...

Down for keeps!

Remember the days when your hottest commodity was your Mom's pb&j sandwich?! Or trading up meant that you got rid of the bologna sandwich that seemed to show up every day?! The game of trade at lunch time was the only kind of gambling you knew. Ahhh grade school lunches, how we miss the days of kickball and four square.

Sack lunches don't have to be contained in those old brown bags anymore. Frosted is offering a back to school gift-with-purchase that will please the gals in the school yard and the guys in the office. For a limited time, if you purchase one dozen cupcakes, you'll receive a free lunch tote (while supplies last, one per customer) or you can purchase it for $8.00.

This offer starts Friday, September 5th, through the end of the month! We're hoping to send you back to school or just back to the office on Monday with your very own Frosted lunch sack.


Chris and Karleen said...

Super cool bag! I love the color! What do you think about baby onesies?!!!

kim* said...

Love the bag, how fun!